Close-out model. The Maximus Centurion is taking the place of the Maximus Prime. The Centurion has more bells and whistles, but they are both built off the same PFD chassis, fit the same, etc. and both are excellent rescue/towing PFD's. Get em' while they're still left at this great price!

Maximus Prime is a side entry rescue/towing PFD with the strength required for swift water rescue. Side entry means to put it on, you have to pull it over your head and then bring one side around to buckle and zip it, but the payoff is comfort and performance you can't get with a front entry PFD. The adjustments are on the front where you can reach them easier, Kokatat's new Dynamic Suspension System allows the independently suspended front flotation panel to move with the paddler, and the wide, neoprene shoulder straps pad your body when carrying kayaks. Comes with front lash tab, gusseted front pocket, and strobe lash tab on back, quick release chest harness and "O"-ring tether/tow system ready (tow rope sold separately).

Maximus is a US Coast Guard approved Type V rescue/towing PFD. For a non-rescue Type III version, see the Maximus PFD which is built on the same design and fit system.

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